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Do I have to have mechanical skills to be a transmission technician?

John Braconnier, President of Trans tech Transmission Not at all, the field is wide open to any hands-on men and women. We’ve got some perception problems in the transmission [...]

48V – the solution to the advanced efficiency challenge?

Michael Nash talks to Punch Powertrain’s Gert-Jan Vogelaar about the various opportunities that 48-volt systems can provide  June 22, 2017 A study by market research and consulting firm Navigant [...]

How has technology affected the mechanic?

John Braconnier, President of Trans tech Transmission Totally, it’s turned mechanics in to technicians. People simply don’t realize that the mechanic is gone now – replaced by the technician. [...]

Full analysis of US automotive transmission market published by leading research firm

by Research N Reports June 22, 2017 The study on the United States Automotive Transmission Sales Market has assessed the historical and current performance of this market, especially highlighting the [...]

Aston Martin recalls Vantage cars over transmission software problem

By Norihiko Shirouzu June 21, 2017 BEIJING -- Aston Martin is ordering a global recall of 1,658 Vantage cars after problems with a routine transmission software update led to [...]

How can you be sure of an honest price quotation?

John Braconnier, President of Trans tech Transmission Know the track record of the repair shop. Your repair price quotation will be divided into parts and labour. There are different [...]

BMW M Exec Sees Bleak Future for Manual, Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Kelly Pleskot  April 24, 2017 Torque converter automatics are the future, according to Peter Quintus It’s one thing to eliminate manual transmissions from the most practical vehicles, but it’s another [...]

Focus, Fiesta owners sue Ford over faulty Powershift transmissions

By Michael Martinez May 30, 2017 DETROIT -- Nearly 7,000 Fiesta and Focus owners are suing Ford Motor Co. over defective PowerShift transmissions in some small cars, a problem [...]

Transmission repairs are so costly

John Braconnier, President of Trans tech Transmission This is a fact, and here’s a look at why. It started with the need for better gas mileage. The development of [...]

This transmission goes to 11

Naoto Okamura September 19, 2016 TOKYO -- You've heard about nine-speed dual-clutch transmissions and even 10-speed automatics. But how about an 11-speed triple-clutch gearbox? That's what Honda Motor Co. [...]