John Braconnier, President of Trans Tech Transmission

Did you realize that the fluid in the automatic provides many clues about the state of the vehicle to the trained transmission specialist. We inspect the level, colour and smell because these are all important diagnostic signs. A request for a routine annual fluid change should always be proceeded by a road test. During the road test, we have found that a good percentage of cars have various power train noises and improper shifting transmissions.

The next step is lifting the car up on the hoist so the technician can drop the pan for a visual inspection. In 90% of transmission pans it is normal to find a small amount of debris material. If large pieces of clutch material, broken metal or aluminum is found, this could be an indication of future problems. If possible, the transmission bands will be adjusted at this point, although most new vehicles do not have adjustable style bands. The filter system is then inspected. Some transmissions have screen type filters which may be washed.

The more common filter is a cloth type that must be replaced because it picks up and holds the debris that goes through the transmission. The technician will continue with a visual inspection for leaking seals or other worn or broken parts before reinstalling the pan and topping up with transmission fluid.

Remember… most transmission DO leak. Don’t take a chance with your vehicle. Get it looked at today!