John Braconnier, President of Trans Tech Transmission


I generally suggest that people have their transmission serviced in the spring. The advantage is that most people are planning their summer holidays or getting ready for the cottage or camping trips.

A power train inspection is done at the same time to ensure a safe and problem free summer. With the transmission service we remove the pan and clean the filter if possible. We then adjust the bands if necessary. We then re-install the clean pan with a new gasket. When servicing most vehicles we can only change 4 to 5 litres of fluid. The average transmission holds 8 to 12 litres so it is very important to change it every year.

I don’t suggest that you wait until your fluid is dark or discoloured because you end up adding 4 good litres to 4 discoloured litres. If you have over 100,000 kms and your fluid is dark or black there is a good chance you might experience transmission problems down the road. However, a note of caution, if you already have a transmission problem, don’t expect the service alone to cure the problem. Too many people think that the transmission fluid and filter don’t need replacing for the life of the vehicle. This is a mistake – with the cost of transmissions now it pays to have the transmission serviced and inspected every year or 20,000kms. We also road test the vehicle to check for any abnormal noise or improper shifting or slipping.