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Significant’ number of problems with some Ford models prompts federal probe

By Yvonne Colbert October 31, 2016 Ford Focus owner wants recall after transmission problem makes car jerk forward Transport Canada is investigating a "significant" number of concerns over Ford Focus [...]

Clutch Player: This Tech Just May Be the Future of Automotive Transmissions

By Josh Jacquot July 4, 2016 Despite our best efforts, the clutch, that fantastic frictional fuse between engine and transmission that has served us so long, has a dim [...]

2017 F-150 to feature new 10-speed transmission, engine

Michael Martinez                           May 3, 2016 Dearborn — Ford Motor Co. will introduce the industry’s first 10-speed transmission on a mainstream vehicle later this year as part of a powertrain [...]

Why a CVT Is Basically the Perfect Transmission

By Jack Baruth January 7, 2016 A dual-clutch gearbox is an automatic, and it isn't even the best one.   It was just over ten years ago that we [...]

Dual-Clutch Transmissions Losing Out to Conventional Automatics in America

By Mihnea Radu December 7, 2015   It  must have been over a decade ago that this automotive writer watched Fifth Gear's Jason Plato drive the Mk5 Volkswagen Golf GTI. [...]

The shift from manual: Why the demise of stick shift is accelerating

By Neil Vorano October 15, 2015   No one wants a manual gearbox in a Ford Fusion or a Chevrolet Equinox, and pounding a clutch back and forth in [...]