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Detroit Truetrac
High performance limited-slip differential

The Detroit Truetrac is the leading helical gear-type limited-slip differential in the industry. Eaton has a
proven track record of producing the most effective and dependable traction differentials in the world.
Truetrac’s patented design of parallel axis, planetary helical gears, provides a smooth and quiet automatic
division of torque. Power transfer is so smooth, it is typically unnoticed by the driver, even in front wheel
drive axles. Although Truetracs offer the highest bias ratio in the forward direction, they also exhibit a slightly
reduced bias ratio in the reverse direction or during engine braking. The bias performance of the Truetrac
complements and enhances brake-based traction control systems. Under normal driving conditions,
Truetrac performs like an open differential. On wet, muddy, icy or loose terrain, imbalanced gear forces
automatically transfer power to the wheel with the highest traction. The Truetrac limited-slip differential
responds instantly to torque feedback, providing needed traction, anytime, at any speed. Truetrac
differentials are engineered to work efficiently in front and rear axles and transfer cases. Designs exist
for C-clip, full-float, semi-float, and snap-ring style axle configurations. Proven design, low cost and
effective performance all make the Truetrac limited slip differential the ideal choice for a wide variety or

vehicle applications, including road racing, off-road competition, emergency vehicles, motor homes and
commercial trucks

AMC20 rear differential

12 bolt coveR

Same as : 912a579

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Fits the following :

Jeep CJ5 1972-1983

Jeep CJ7 1976-1986

Jeep CJ8 1981-1985

AMC20 rear differential


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