Ram 1500 Intermediate Axle Shaft Repair 1220925


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Ram 1500 Axle Shaft

This Dodge Ram 1500 axle shaft repair kit is to repair the stripping of the splines which are left exposed to the elements (sand, salt, water, etc) which causes the shaft splines to seize in the CV axle, the aftermarket Sure Seal boots will prevent this from happening, each kit consist of new intermediate shaft, roller bearing, needle bearing for the housing, needle bearing already press in to shaft, left side and right side aftermarket boot for both shafts (left and right) and one axle seal, all the parts you require to alleviate this issue. These components are NOT available from the dealer, you must purchase a complete differential, thus installing the same problem you are currently experiencing, this kit has been on the market for the past 3 years and has proven to be very successful. Can be installed without removing the complete differential from the vehicle.

Viper Gear Quality Differential Product

This kit fits the following OEM differentials: 68257420AA, 68257420AB, 68257420AC, 68257420AD, 68257420AE, 68192707AA, 68083575AA, 68257421AA 68257421AB, 68257421AC, 68257421AD, 68191739AA, 68083577AA, 68257422AA, 68257422AB, 68257422AC, 68257422AD, 68191738AA, 68257420AG, 68139992AA, 68191738AA, 68257420AF

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Dodge Ram 1500 axle shaft repair 

Same as 1220925, 1220925BK, 722N695BK, 722N695BKA, AXK842, 190424


 Known as:

Ram 1500 right side front axle shaft

Ram 1500 right side front intermediate  shaft

Ram 1500 front axle shaft

Ram 1500 axle repair kit


Instructions: Removing Right Side Housing:

  • Remove PS housing by pulling top ball joint and outer tie rod end.
  • Remove axle nut and tap CV axle off of the differential output shaft then remove from the hub and set aside.
  • Next, unplug the actuator
  • 2 Mounting bolts and 4 housing bolts need to be removed. With a small flat screwdriver and a hammer, break the silicone seal of the housing to the main part of the diff.

With the housing removed:

  • Remove actuator and collar.
  • Remove large inside snap ring (located in the actuator opening), then hit shaft with rubber mallet out of the housing.
  • Remove the small snap ring off the shaft and reuse it on the new shaft.
  • Use a suitable tool to remove the outer seal and caged needle bearing. (If the seal is not being replaced then inspect and clean the bearing and seal surface. Then apply a suitable grease to both.)
  • Press the caged needle bearing in from the outside edge flush with the shoulder in the aluminum housing.
  • Install assembled shaft and bearing assembly with press or rubber mallet until the inside snap ring groove is exposed and then re-install snap ring.
  • Install the new seal (if removed) to an approx. and even depth of  .410” from the outer edge.
  • Re-install steel dust shield. (inner lip may need to be resized with a flat disc and a hammer or a small set of pliers in order to retain the tension on the shaft.

Re-installing Housing:

  • Reverse the order above ensuring the collar is in place. Apply a small bead of silicone around the flange of housing and re-install on the differential.
  • The new ‘sure seal’ boot will need to be slid over the CV Axle first and then installed on the output shaft once the housing is re-installed.  (It seems to be easiest to work the entire boot over the axle first. The large then small end. This is a very tight fit, however, it will ensure a good seal)
  • Grease splines well and once the CV axle is secured into place slide the small end of the boot off the CV axle and onto the output shaft, creating a seal to keep the moisture out and the grease in.  This should prevent the stripped axle from happening again.

Torque   Actuator-21 ft lbs        Housing Bolts-48 ft lb        Oil  75w85 (Top off as needed)


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