2001-2020 GMC / Chevrolet/ Dodge Ram 11.5 Posi – YDGGM11.5-30-1

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Yukon Dura Grip is a posi traction limited slip differential that provides smooth yet aggressive traction, giving you the confidence and performance you need across a wide variety of terrains. The Dura Grip posi limited-slip is engineered for long life and is completely rebuildable. Dura Grips are built with a high strength nodular case, forged 4320 chromoly spider gears, and composite clutches. For unmatched posi traction performance, the Dura Grip is the ultimate choice. When your vehicle demands performance, durability and strength, choose Yukon Dura Grip. Whether it at the track, off roading, racing or on the street, you deserve the confidence that these units offer.

  • Fits all Gear Ratios
  • Fits 11.5″ GM & Chrysler with 30 Spline Axles

Note : Use two additives

Similar to OEM 68053666AB, 5086962AB, 68053666AA, 5086962AA, True Trac 915A568, AAM 40041224, 40099548, 40025134, YDGGM11.5-30-1

11.5 Rear differential

Helical gear posi unit

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Fits the following :

Chevrolet  Avalanche 2500HD 2001-2020

Chevrolet Avalanche 3500HD 2001-2020

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2001-2020

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD 2001-2020

Chevrolet Suburban 2500 2001-2020

Chevrolet Suburban 3500 2001-2020

Chevrolet Tahoe 2500 2001-2020

Chevrolet Tahoe 3500 2001-2020

GMC Sierra 2500HD 2001-2020

GMC Sierra 3500HD 2001-2020

GMC Yukon 2500 XL 2001-2020

GMC Yukon 3500 XL 2001-2020

Dodge Ram2500 2003-2010

Dodge Ram3500 2003-2010

Ram Ram2500 2011-2018

Ram Ram2500 2011-2018






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