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Auburn Gear ECTED Max Locker

Auburn Gear ECTED Max Locker maximizes your vehicle’s traction with on-the-go system engage. These electronically controlled traction-enhancing differentials are selectable lockers offering the traction control of a limited-slip differential and a full-locking differential–all in one! When locker switch is off, the clutch pack activates the limited-slip mode. As torque increases, the separating forces within the differential gears increase, causing the clutch pack to be compressed, in turn providing bias torque to the highest traction wheel. When the locker switch is turned on, electronic current is sent to the electromagnetic coil which locks the axles together. Auburn Gear Select-A-Loc lockers feature a unique cone-clutch design with gearing made from aircraft-quality 9310 heat-treated billet steel for tough-as-nails strength. The lockers operate quietly without any shift fork or pins to line up to change the locker mode. With a limited-slip mode for on/off-road excitement and a true locker mode for the quarter-mile or nasty off-road terrain, Auburn Gear Select-A-Loc differentials deliver superior traction capabilities on the street, at the track, or off-road.

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Fits the following :

Jeep Wrangler 1986-2006

Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999-2004

Jeep Cherokee 1984-2001

Dana 35 Rear differential

For 3.55-up ratio

Note: Designed for aftermarket axles with 30 spline (original was 27 spline)


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