VGBKGM86R-A 2009-2018 8.6 GM Rear Differential bearing Kit

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Viper Gear Quality Differential Product

Differential Bearing Kits: 

 Contains the following :

      1) Front pinion bearing cup

      1) Front pinion bearing cone

      1) Rear pinion bearing cup

      1) Rear pinion bearing cone

      2) Side carrier bearings cones

      2) Side carrier bearings cups

      1) Pinion seal  

      1) Pinion nut

      1) Crush sleeve (if applicable)

GM 8.6 Rear Differential

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Fits the following:

GM Avalanche 2009-2018

GM Yukon  2009-2018

GM Sierra  2009-2018

GM Silverado  2009-2018

GM Escalade  2009-2018 

GM 8.6 Rear Differential


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