2002-2005 Chevrolet Silverado Sierra Denali GMC Sierra 60 Quadrasteer applications – VGBKGMDA60QUAD

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Dana 60 Quadrasteer applications

GM 2002-2005

Quadrasteer electronically controls the rear wheels at different speeds and under various load conditions to create agility and maneuverability, particularly when towing or parking.

The Quadrasteer steer-by-wire rear axle is controlled by two sophisticated microprocessors, enabling the system to behave differently depending on vehicle speed and driving mode:

  • At speeds up to 40-45 mph, the system turns the wheels in the opposite (negative) direction of the forward wheels to a maximum of 15 degrees, or 12 degrees in tow mode. Though 12 degrees might not seem like a lot, it is very effective: in four-wheel steer mode, the 37.4-foot turning radius on the Sierra Denali’s is:
    • Only three inches greater than that of a three door Saturn coupe
    • Almost 10 feet smaller than the 2001 Sierra C3
  • At speeds of around 40-45 mph, the rear wheels track neutrally
  • At speeds over 45 mph, the system turns the rear wheels in concern (positively) in the direction of the front wheels to increase stability and control.

If at any time the two microprocessors “disagree” over the steering information they have received any what action to take, the system automatically shuts down and reverts back to traditional two-wheel steering.

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Fits the following :

Chevrolet Silverado 2002-2005

GMC Sierra Denali 2002-2005

 GMC Sierra 2002-2005

Chevrolet Suburban 2002-2005

GMC Yukon XL 2002-2005

Note: Will fit Quadrasteer applications ONLY!


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